Why us?

Here are some of the reasons why you'll enjoy working with People and Culture, and why we get better results:

Why us?
  • We don’t try to make you fit a standard ‘textbook’ model. You’re unique, and so are our solutions.

  • We work with you to achieve positive change. We’ll give you the right kind of data, talk you through what it means, and work with you to effect change.

  • People and Culture will work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure that what we do produces business results.

  • The qualitative aspect of our research is extensive and enormously useful: we don’t just find out what, but also why. Thanks to software we’ve developed ourselves, we can quickly, easily and meaningfully work with huge amounts of free text responses.

  • We don’t treat information about you as if it were ours: we share everything that we find out with you.

  • We’ll share our research methodologies and other tools with you, enabling you to use them too.

  • You’ll work with a small, dedicated team who are easy-going, personable and provide continuity of contact.