Employee engagement research solutions

We use a wide range of tools and techniques, at all levels and coming from every possible angle, to establish how an organisation works - and how it could work better:

Deciphering organisational culture

As specialists in employee research, we’ll use tried and tested techniques to find out what motivates or demotivates your employees.

Employee feedback interpretation & reporting

We collect unstructured feedback and decipher what it’s telling the business. Why does it take so long to get a product to market? Why didn’t that ad campaign work? Why is it so hard to make decisions?

Measuring & improving employee engagement

We find out what switches employees on, and how to do more of it. We provide a comprehensive employee engagement “toolkit” and our cross-sector experience means we can offer creative ideas you may not have thought of.

Employee satisfaction & climate studies

We find out whether people are happy in their work, and how they’re performing and developing. We also look at how the potential of talent can be released without demoralising others.

360-degree competency measurement

We look at the skills and behaviours required in each job function at every level, and whether the right people are in those roles, taking into account the views of more people than just the individual in question. This includes leadership, team skills, communications and call-centre quality.

Employee lifecycle tracking

Many companies constantly bring in and train up new people, only to see them leave very quickly. We’ll help you protect your investment in recruitment and development by tracking selected employees to see where problems may lie.

Leaver/exit interviews

Outsourcing exit interviews means people are more likely to be open and honest, with less reason to fear the consequences. We’ll conduct your interviews, collate the data and report back—fast.

Diversity measurement and tracking

Organisations have a statutory duty to treat people fairly at work, and to measure and monitor the diversity of their workforce. Even if employers are fair, there may be bullying going on. We will consult, advise, measure and monitor your diversity.

Communications audits

We’ll find out if your corporate communications, and the media you use, are working. Is the message you send the same as the one being received? How effectively do your chosen media work together?

Internal Service Satisfaction Audits

We will identify how well departments across the organisation are working together, where the bottle necks are, and the improvement opportunities.