Organisational change management consulting

One thing is certain—business is always changing. But the people who work in businesses don’t always want to change, and that can cause real problems.

Did you know that over 90% of organisational change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives*? Even when it’s not deliberate, disaffected employees can end up working against your strategic business goals.

People and Culture is an experienced team of specialists with a solid track record of helping companies improve their performance though employee engagement. Whether your company is large or small, we can:

  • identify barriers to employee engagement and motivation

  • work with your people and your processes to overcome those barriers

  • create a culture in which people love to perform and succeed.

*(Source: Benham Tabrizi study of 500 global change projects - Rapid Transformation Harvard Business School Press 2007)

We can solve a wide range of problems

You might be surprised at the wide range of complex problems we can help you solve—from stock shrinkage in the warehouse to teams which won’t work together and even improving relationships around the boardroom table.

We’re totally results-oriented

As our clients will testify, the end-result is real business performance improvement. And since we’re into research and measurement, we’re just as willing to be measured ourselves.

We’ll work with you, not on you

We’re totally flexible. We won’t try to make you fit off-the-shelf models: we’ll work with you, adapting our techniques to your organisation to create a bespoke solution which helps everyone—including your business—to reach their potential. And our People and Culture Strategic Management Centre will help you develop the skills you need for now and the future.