Consulting solutions

In addition to our research facilities, People and Culture also offers strategic consulting in order to help organisations maximise their potential:

Change planning & change project management

We look at how an organisation can change its mindset in order to behave differently and therefore perform more successfully. How should change be approached? How can we effect deep psychological change, so that people perform better in a team, or become more customer-focused, or can think more creatively?

Strategic planning

We help organisations to think about how they think. Are they able to act on market intelligence and opportunities, or are they trapped in a corporate mindset which strangles their ability to act creatively, opportunistically, and defensively? We help to develop scenarios showing how opportunities and threats could develop; demonstrate how history is less and less helpful in predicting the future; and help organisations conduct strategic reviews.

Management & business process design

We help organisations to improve two types of business process: transactional processes (such as warehouse deliveries), as well those processes which aim to exploit the power of collective thinking (such as planning).

Corporate governance and risk management

We guide organisations in thinking about the best way to manage themselves. We look at how they can be structured; how to monitor what executives are doing; what sort of meetings and forums should be held (and when, where and why). We also look at risk management, including compliance with legislation; how to identify risks; the difference between physical (such as health and safety) and operational risks (such as fraud); and how to predict, avoid, manage and mitigate risk.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching (which is entirely different from life coaching) helps senior leaders to think more strategically and to manage more effectively. We work with individuals and teams to help them be the best that they can be. Because of our extensive cross-sector experience, we are able to offer insights, examples and creative ideas which can lend a competitive edge.