About People and Culture

Our flexible approach lets us identify and implement solutions which get everyone motivated to work together towards the right business objectives. We'll help you speed up the implementation and achievement of your organisation's vision or transformation plans.

Find out why we’re unique

What do we do?

People and Culture will help you take back control of your business culture.

By working with us, you will :

  • more effectively and more productively manage your employee relationships

  • improve your brand touchpoints—wherever your customers come into contact with your organisation

  • achieve better business performance.

How do we do it?

  • Our specialist research, projection and behavioural assessment techniques will help us to understand the underlying mental models and psychology of your employees.

  • We’ll find out what’s working in your organisation, and what isn’t—and why.

  • We will then work with management teams to develop effective ways to measure attitudes and performance, so that, together, we can develop ways to rapidly grow your employees’ engagement levels.

Advanced data collection & reporting

People and Culture employs highly developed data collection and reporting technologies. Sophisticated text-mining and -mapping help us to deliver a comprehensive picture of cause and effect, while our easy-to-use reporting tools place the power of understanding that data right into your own hands. Find out why we do more with data than other companies…

Our clients

We are contracted by some of the UK’s biggest companies to correct and maintain their corporate culture—providing them with a competitive advantage and the tools they need to succeed. They include such well known household names as Cable & Wireless, Abbey, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Phones 4U, United Utilities, Smile Bank, Ricoh, Alliance & Leicester, Britannia Group, Skipton Group and lots more.